About Kadusis

Kadusis began with a simple idea - matching clients and freelancers in the healthcare space in near real-time. We thought long and hard about “dash-board-ifying” an experience for constituents which provided a far superior experience than typical job boards, recruiters or staffing agencies. We envisioned an evolved platform which provides a simple all-encompassing and powerful dashboard for transacting. From helping clients and healthcare pros discover one-another, to messaging, contracting, administration of payments and customer service, we engineered Kadusis to be as smart, nimble, fast and flexible as the people who use it.

It’s worth mentioning that amid so many changes in the healthcare workforce, professionals across the clinical and business spectrum are choosing to moonlight as freelancers, to work as locum tenens and to take temporary assignments which provide flexibility and the ability to learn, earn and grow. In short, healthcare pros are choosing assignments which fit their lives. Kadusis takes special note of the fast-changing dynamics in this space. Our tech allows great clients seeking on-demand talent to tap into this pool of the highest quality healthcare professionals. How do we know they are the highest quality? Because we vett every single healthcare pro before they are permitted to take on an assignment. And guess what, we vett clients too. Kadusis is a premium healthcare talent marketplace and we take bold steps to ensure that description is accurate.

Kadusis management is comprised of well-seasoned and highly experienced professionals from the digital recruitment, online media and digital health space. We have decades of combined experience collaborating with leading people, technology and healthcare organizations. We’re dedicated to excellence through integrity, hard work and by listening to you.

We’ve built something we believe provides a superior experience for client’s seeking the services of healthcare pros and for healthcare pros seeking unique opportunities to serve. We look forward to serving you and we’re so grateful you’re here.

The entire Kadusis team

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